The Music can Tell the Story

Listen closely to some of the lyrics in songs. There are a lot of songs which tell a story and then there’s the ones which are filled with imaginations. The ones who have been through hardships can tell a better story. The struggle, the grief, and the trials can be revealed in the music. Imagine how life would be without music. Pretty boring. Music helps in so many ways and of course there will always be some music which is hard to understand. There are a lot of artists who connect with their music. The passion can be heard. Some can seem overly “passionate.” Well, depending on what they’ve been through, there are some who will simply keep the music real. 

Oh and yes there’s the explicit music. We all have a choice whether to listen or not but even if there’s a few dirty words the lyrics may come together. Some entertainers are able to put together some very remarkable lyrics and then there’s some lyrics that seem a bit off. Not connecting properly. There’s so many different genres. Bests for instance are great to listen to whether instrumental or with the hook. There are some who can “produce” music rather quickly and some may need to spend long hours in the studio in order to create something magical. 

Some are very skilled with producing the right lyrics and the perfect beats. The ones who can produce original beats are outstanding. Some of the music sounds way too similar. The lyrics are very important. If the listener isn’t able “to understand” or connect with the music then the success rate may be low. There are some artists who don’t need to write down their lyrics. They’re just that gifted. Music displays the creativity of an artist. 

There’s some music that’s quite emotional. The stories told are so in depth. The lifestyles are heard through “the lyrics.” The rough times in the hood or ghetto. The times when the struggle seemed to never end. A lot of artists have been through many storms and are able to tell what some are unable to tell. Some have no idea what it’s like to live through the struggle so they’re lyrics may not connect as well as the ones who have been through many storms. 

Depending on the instruments used, a song can be great, or just average. Some artist are very good at their craft and will produce some of the best music at least most of the time. There will be times when the  music isn’t connecting and a trip back to the studio may be necessary. A lot of “the music” reproduced, remade, and edited. It’s always nice to hear beats which connect with the lyrics. 

“Just let it all Flow and Watch What Happens.” By: 

Tanikka Paulk

A Sample of Some Outstanding Beats and Lyrics

Tupac Shakur Changes

Nas One MIc

T.I. Big Things Popping

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