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There’s been a lot of talk and debate about the whole Death Row Records and Suge Knight drama. Despite the background of Suge knight. Mr. knight loved the rapper Tupac Shakur. A lot of history and of course so many are aware of the disputes pertaining to Death Row Records, Suge knight, and Tupac Shakur as well as the whole “West Coast” Family. Suge Knight did not want Tupac to leave Death Row Records and was very upset about Tupac’s decision to leave the record label. Suge Knight was very troubled just like so many are and his thought process wasn’t clear. 

His heart became cold and Suge was enraged not only about the Tupac situation but other dealings. The love for Tupac never faded. Suge Knight loved Tupac like a brother. There’s a man who lived in South Miami Florida who loved his brother but because of an argument the man killed his brother. Not thinking and allowing rage to enter. The man experienced a lot of pain because of his actions. A prime example how an individual could care about another but in the moment of rage their line of “thinking” is distorted. 

I’m sure Suge knight would confirm loving Tupac like a brother and Tupac wasn’t the only one Suge cared about. There was a brotherhood. Once the disconnection occurred. There was no return. Yes, Suge Knight has committed a lot of crimes and also caused a lot of death. even with all of Knight’s actions. God can still forgive all that Suge Knight has done. Mankind may not be so forgiving but it’s not mankind Suge has to worry about. It’s so unfortunate that so many aren’t able to work out their differences without using violence. 

Suge Knight experienced a lot”actions” has caused a lot of pain for others and perhaps there is some words with the Creator of mankind. There’s a possibility that Suge Kinght will be a very old man when he’s released from prison however if Suge finds a way to come up with the bail money then they’re willing to set Suge free. Of course some may not be thrilled with the idea of Suge Knight being let back out into society. 

There is a possibility of being reformed. Look into “the eyes” of Suge Knight and see the pain and watch his expressions and know that Suge Knight really cared for Tupac Shakur. His mindset wasn’t right and Suge must pay for his actions and the consequences are being locked away and no more phone calls. Tupac Shakur is loved by so many and there are also a lot of people who are very envious of Tupac. No person deserves to have their life taken away. 

Perhaps the ones who hold a lot of hate towards Suge Knight will forgive him for what he’s done. Allow their hearts to heal. Both Tupac and Suge Knight felt and “still” feel pain. What turned Suge Knight so cold? Loss. Losing Death Row Records was a big setback for Suge Knight. Losing the brotherhood was another. With all that has happened. Suge Knight never stopped caring for Tupac Shakur. “Each Person Must Forgive in Order to be Forgiven but that Doesn’t be we Should be a Fool.” By: 

Tanikka Paulk

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