Time To Make Some Tiny Toys in Wood

Making Tiny Toys in Wood
Going by the title, Making Tiny Toys in Wood: Ornaments & Collectible Heirloom Accents, one would have to really work at not getting this idea: you’re going to be creating small toys that easily double as ornaments and collectibles using ready-made patterns. Add to that some tools and “elbow grease.” But there’s more gong on than just following someone else’s lead in a “how to,” because this harkens back to the days when small objects adorning toy chests, coffee tables and breakfronts weren’t mass produced plastic but individually crafted.

What the book will help you to now produce is more than just the finished wooden object — it’s also a journey through the process of creativity. You start with nothing but a pattern and pieces of wood gained from a hobby shop, which then are treated to being carved using a scroll saw (with a selection of blades) and wood glue. Those looking for the “natural” look will avoid the use of paints, but don’t disrespect how a touch of color can add panache overall. Other tools will be needed but the author doesn’t assume that everyone is a born expert. In fact, some experience will prove helpful — but a lot of that will come from actually making the various figures, such as a tugboat, a jeep, a Noah’s Ark, olde 1909 Cadillac car and others. So the author includes some tips and troubleshooting examples. What’s important is to approach doing this without frustration and with patience and with a desire to persevere.

Making Tiny Toys in Wood retails for $12.99 and does more than just provide the means for creating 15 small wooden toys: it allows for a sense of pride and accomplishment all to often lacking in today’s digital and mass produced items world. Besides, who wouldn’t want to have their own Ferris Wheel ready to spin on their night table?

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