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Who says Caesar Salads are Ordinary?

The photo features Tapa King’s Caesar Salad. An infamous opinion about it is that it really is not distinctive from the Caesar Salads that other establishments offer. The reason is plain and simple. The preparation of Caesar Salad is very basic. The Romaine leaves need to be separated, discarding the coarse outer leaves. The leaves left are then washed, trickled, dried, and torn into bite-size pieces. Next step is for the leaves to be tossed in a salad bowl along with ready Caesar Salad dressing. Parmesan cheese, hard-boiled eggs, fresh tomatoes, pieces of toasts, and sprinkles of lettuce pieces and bacon strips are a plus.

J. Co leads the Market in Asia

Whether Glazzy, Alcapone, Berry Spears, Blueberry More, Coco Loco, Avocado Dicaprio, Oreology, Hazel Dazzle, Why Nut, Cheese Me Up, or Black Jack, they and all the other flavors spell the same – oozing J.Co! J.Co Donuts & Coffee has a really wide variety of flavors suited to just about anyone’s tongue. These premium donuts have been rapidly spreading in so many branches all over Asia. Rooted from Indonesia, branches are now in Singapore, China, Malaysia, and the Philippines. J.Co now leads the market over Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts in Indonesia and the Philippines.


*Photo is mine.*

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