Liability Insurance – Making Sure That Your Cleaning Company Gets You Covered

Insurance might sound impractical in the cleaning industry, but yes, it does matter because it can cost you thousands if the job of your cleaning company goes wrong and your property gets damaged. Even in a simple organic carpet cleaning job, you should make sure that your cleaning contractor has you covered especially if your carpets under the cleaning contract are rare and expensive.


What You Can Expect if Something Goes Wrong


Suppose you hire a professional cleaner to clean your carpets and furniture, you wouldn’t have any problem if the job turns out smoothly. But if something goes wrong and like a torn fabric on your sofa or your carpet shrinks due to some error in the cleaning process. It could spell disaster on your part and it could happen, although the possibility is lesser with highly trained cleaners.


But if this thing does happen, you should be prepared with this scenario: You try to contact the cleaning company to raise your complaint and ask for compensation, but you don’t get even an answer for your call. In some instances, you may get a reply with the company representative telling you that “I know there is an issue but I still have to arrange this with my insurance company.” After a few days, you visit the office of the cleaning company to make a personal inquiry only to hear from its manager that their company’s insurer won’t pay for your claim. Yes, you read it right. The insurance company won’t pay your claim because most liability insurance does not cover items being cleaned.


What You Need To Do To Ensure Protection


This can be a worst-case-scenario but it can happen. So before choosing a cleaning company for your home cleaning project, you should ask professional cleaners for a quotation and to ask for some details such as license, equipment, area of expertise and most importantly, you should take a look at their insurance policy. When looking at a professional cleaner’s insurance policy, you must be sure to see that aside from a liability cover, it must also have a treatments risk cover. Ironically, this is the only coverage that can cover your priced items should they get damaged through cleaning.  Remember that by law, cleaning companies are liable for any damage it can cause in line with its business. But if it is not covered by treatment risk cover, the payment you are hoping for is still a long way ahead.


Your properties are an investment you should always protect. But not matter how hard you try to avoid bad things from taking place, there are instances when you can encounter a lot of “cowboys” especially if you are not careful enough in choosing a contractor to do the job. As a rule of thumb, you must remember that being careful means proper screening of shortlisted easy carpet cleaners and contractors to make sure that they are covered by a policy that pays for damage made to items being cleaned.


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