Who Is Like A Woman

She is a mother, a wife, a sister and a role model all rolled into one. See her in the village with a water pot balanced on the head and one child tied tightly on the back and yet she is pregnant. She cooks for the family with firewood fetched in the bush. She smears the house with the cow dung she laboriously cleans from the cattle kraal. Though she is tired with fatigue, she still spreads the bed for her husband.

You meet her in town and you wonder at the great transformation, the woman is clean and very smart. She walks with the grace of a gazelle.
Her body is oiled smooth and she talks with a very fine accent. In the office she is in control and manages all the affairs of the office.

The woman is a good administrator. She runs for high offices in the country and manages to trounce men of valor. A woman is a force that pulls like a magnet. She gets her way in all fields which she ventures. Who is that that labels the woman as the weaker sex?

There is no field that a woman has not ventured. The best mechanic obviously should be a woman.

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