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My Baby's Heartbeat Bear Tan Bear

Baby keepsakes are precious beyond words, but often they’re expressed as run of the mill stuff that is unfortunately boring to all but the parents. And yes that includes fuzzy Teddy Bears and other cute plush animals that look good, get stared at with affection for a few seconds and then ignored. Now if there was a way to pump up the “action” on that bear, that would be something we could all get behind. How about if you added a little red heart that’s actually a miniatured audio recorder running on batteries that’s capable of recording 20 seconds? But what to record is the next question….how about the baby’s heartbeat? Wouldn’t that be beyond cool. Sure, it would be plain awesome.

My Baby’s HeartBeat Bear provides this experience through a choice of two Bears (one including space to frame an ultrasound of the baby), a Giraffe or a Hippo or Bulldog or one of the other 16 animals in total that are available (prices range from $35 to $39, depending on the animal chosen). All of the plushes feature the red heart recorder, which plays the heartbeat or other recorded sound for its 20 second duration once a button is pressed. Since the recorder has to be removed (for use), it makes the actual recording easier since you don’t have to bring the plush along. The recorder fits into an opening in the back of the animal and is held in place through drawstrings and a Velcro fastening and is activated by pressing upon the plush so as to create pressure against the heart. The battery is replaceable and the memory retains whatever sound has been recorded. There’s no worries regarding the plush animal itself as it is constructed of a high quality fleece-like fabric and polyfill and is soft to the touch (or squeeze as the case may be).

Now how to get that heartbeat recorded is probably the question mark going through one’s head now (unless you are already expecting and so know the score). Just bring the heart along to the next trip to the doctor for an ultrasound (or visit an ultrasound studio).

Since the company knows you like your smartphone, they provide a free app with some real value built-in.  What happens if you lose the heartbeat because you or someone erased the module accident early, or you’d like to change the audio to that of the child’s first words or a grandparents good night lullaby? Hence the app, which can take the audio and store it away for safekeeping. Audio can be saved locally or uploaded to a server of one’s choice (registration/login required for the app). As they say, an ounce of prevention…

Safe for ages 3 and up, the My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear is a unique and fun gift that can only increase in personal value and, at some point, even become nostalgic as the child ages. Tech rarely touches the heartstrings like this does.

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