Listen to the Words in Order to Find out

If we examine real closely we’ll figure what some people’s motives are. Watch what’s said and watch their actions. Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out exactly what the motives are at first but as time goes by one can figure out just where a person or persons are coming from. A lot of the wording is due to attention seeking or individuals being upset for some “reason.” These situations will occur if there’s more attention given to one group than another.

Not everyone will have good intentions some are seeking to either take revenge or to just be bothersome to some. If there is any expectation “to proceed and be prosperous” then what’s being said will have to be ignored. There is no reason to follow up on everything that’s said. No reason to add responses to every critical communication. We’re unable to control what others will do and say. if there’s being false information supplied then speak up or just move forward. A lot of the matters which arise are due to gaining attention. 

There will be a lot of chatter flowing about and if progress is expected then one can not stop and give attention to the complainers. Not every will be pleased with what’s taking place and some will be very irritated with every single thing. There are some who enjoy causing disturbances so they’ll put out all sorts of information whether “true or false.” Trying to get another off track or just trying to control others. 

There’s ways to deal with such matters and individuals. Some will never accept what is. Some will continue to create havoc no matter what’s occurring. The “communications” will tell the story. When some are trying to gain access to a purpose then they’ll try all sorts of tactics to do so. That’s why stepping back at times is helpful in order to think properly. We’ll lose our fitting if we’re not observant and if we’re in tuned with every cynical word said.

Not every single situation needs attention. If we’re “continuing” to stop and respond to nonsense then we’ll lose focus. Some may intentionally try to stop others from getting ahead and for the ones who are power driven then they’ll continue all with such antics. Not realizing they’re making matters worse for themselves. 

We’ll have to deal with a lot of personalities and some are so dysfunctional we’ll also want to stay clear of such individuals. It’s important to listen to certain ones to find out where they’re coming from. A lot of what takes place is apart of trying to get in a person’s head. Not wanting others to make progress or to shine in anyway. There will be a lot of words thrown around but if one wants to continue to make progress then they’ll need to focus on “the importance.” Not everything that’s said is legit. 

“Keep Sane by Focusing on the Importance and not the Disturbances.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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