Longest 5 Days Ever

Signing up for Daily Two Cents made me so excited that I read practically everything that I could see and literally went to every link that I could click in the website. Yes, I briefly submitted three samples of my original work to the email address indicated in the application page and longed for me to receive a reply indicating that I passed so for me to begin writing my pieces to share. I could not count how many times I refreshed my inbox and how many often I attempted to get to add an article. If I could only manually enable that button to add one, I would have done so! Then again, I needed to accept that it could actually take five days for DTC to process my application. Argh! Longest five days of my life, I’d say.

So, in the meantime, I surfed around to look for other things that could help me earn some cents for my family. Then, I came across websites where I could be paid simply by viewing online advertisements. I kept myself busy for some six hours – registering to different PTC sites and clicking numerous links to ads. When I calculated how much I made altogether, I got dismayed that the total didn’t even reach a dollar. Nonetheless, I just had something I could charge to experience. I would just go on with patiently waiting for the longest five days of my life.


*Photo is mine.*


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