Look To The Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip And Smart Plug For A Smart Home

Power strips are conventional devices that don’t get much attention — those who need them have them and that’s pretty much all there is to it. What else is there to say about plugging in multiple devices so they get AC power? If it’s Amped Wireless’ Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip, then there’s plenty to say.

The Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip looks a conventional power strip to the eye, with 3 grounded 120V AC sockets and 2 1.5 amp USB plugs so it can also charge up electronics like phones. And there’s an overall power switch and a construction made of ABS fire retardant material, with a 6.6 foot cable to transfer the 1850 watts (max) of power. So dive inside to find the difference: an 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi transmitter that can be connected to modern/legacy home network systems. No hub required either. So now here’s what this “conventional” power strip can do.

Be controlled remotely by a smartphone app (iOS/Android), is what. Each of the 5 connected devices can be individually controlled, or accessed together. Simply turning them on/off for sure, but that’s just the start. You can create timers and schedule those devices connected and even add more power strips to create custom “scenes” (explained further below).

And get this — because there’s Wi-Fi, you can access Amazon’s Alexa for using voice commands.

The Amped Wireless Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip meets all safety requirements and features a built-in overload protection circuit breaker. It retails for $79.99.

But for those looking for the same level of control, just not for more than a single device, there’s the Smart Plug. All the features found in the power strip (such as Wi-Fi), the Smart Plug has a single grounded AC socket and handles 1200 watts total. Controlled via the app, up to 150 different devices can be controlled — one at a time obviously, and they have to be the one connected.

Additionally multiple devices can be programmed to work together (just like the Power Strip), so creating a “breakfast” scene, for example, could turn on a coffee maker, a light and a radio all at the same time — that’s like the “scenes” noted above for the Power Strip. There’s also a single side-mounted 1.5 amp USB port for charging capabilities. The Smart Plug retails for $69.99.

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