World Cuisine: Love Me Some Cajun Food!!

If you are a spicy food lover then more than likely Cajun food is on your list of most awesome world cuisines ever! But you don’t know just the right blend of spices needed get that authentic spicy Cajun flavor. Right?

Ever tried Slap Ya Mama seasonings?

Interesting name. The way they advertise these food products is: “Taste so good. Make you wanna slap ya mama!”

Say what??!! There is nothing in my entire life that I’ve eaten that ever made me want to slay my momma. But guess what? These are award-winning spice blends. Guess the advertisements work!!  “Real Cajun Seasoning for Real Cajun Cooking.”

How did I find out about these products? The Internet and Facebook, in particular, is a beautiful thing. This lady saw my foodie website, Everyday Exotic Spices, contacted me and asked if she could send me some samples. Of course, my response was “Yes!”

woman-159754_640Received various products in a box delivered straight to my door. Tried them in different recipes and here’s my reaction.  Did I want to slap my momma?  No.  But I was ready go mano y mano with my spouse!  Oh yeah!!

He wanted to keep it all to himself.

I’m like: “Oh no! That ain’t happening!!”

cajun food seasoning




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