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As some of you know, I’ve been on a classic cologne kick lately. I’ve been taking many trips down memory lane, and fragrance is a big part of my very best memories. Love’s Baby Soft was one of the first fragrances that I loved as a teen. My best friend introduced me to the soft unmistakable scent back in 1974. It’s still a favorite today, but I’ve noticed something confusing and terribly misleading. I had to find out why Love’s Baby Soft is made by Mem and Dana. It made no sense at first, especially since I haven’t found the odd name in stores. After a little research, I found out why some bottles online are labeled as such, and I’ll never buy that brand. You might want to read on before ordering what you assume is a fresh and high-quality product.

Why it Was Made by Two Companies: Prepare to be Shocked!

I’ve been comparing prices on my favorite vintage scent. However, I found two different brand names while searching the site. I found many bottles made by an oddball company, but they looked different than what I was accustomed to. I searched to find out why it was manufactured by two companies. Come to find out, Mem stopped making Love’s Baby Soft back in the 1980’s! It’s not uncommon for various companies to sell formulas and make the same fragrances over the years, but not at the same time. Dana took over in the mid 80’s, and they’re still creating and bottling the original formula that was designed by Menley & James in 1974. It was a shock to find out why it was manufactured by two different companies. In short, Mem was made and bottled decades ago, and someone still has stock for sale! Dana is the one to buy if you want the freshest product. 

Old Scents Can Change, and Not for the Better

In any case, I don’t want cologne that was made and bottled almost 30 years ago, and that’s when the first producer stopped. Who knows how old it could be? Scents can and will change as they age, and why would I want to pay top dollar for an old product? No thanks! It’s hard to find it in retail stores, but I don’t want an old bottle from any location. I like vintage items, but only for decorative purposes. If you want and like the antique variety, it’s your choice and your decision, but I want the newest, freshest product – not something that was on a warehouse shelf or in someone’s basement for the past three decades. Some still like it, but others feel duped. I’m glad that I looked up why Love’s Baby Soft is made by two different companies because I could have ended up with a decades-old smelly product.

People are Unhappy, and for Very Good Reason

Like I said, I’m glad that I looked up why Love’s Baby Soft was made by two different companies. I’m also happy that I found out that Mem hasn’t made it for about 30 years before placing an order. Like I said, anything for sale now with the questionable name be decades old. Just look at some of the  reviews. I won’t post them here because I refuse to promote the product. Buyers can read the reviews for themselves, and many are very unhappy. Those who are happy must have been lucky. What some received didn’t smell good, but that’s not a surprise after realizing how old that it had to be. How it was stored likely affected the odor, and some weren’t likely negatively affected like others. Either way, I wouldn’t want the vintage bottle since I know now why it has another name. I knew that something had to be wrong since more than one company wouldn’t be making, bottling and selling the same product. It pays to do your homework.

The Best Deal That I Could Find on a Fresh Bottle

After learning why Love’s Baby Soft has two different names, I immediately went on a quest for the best deal on cologne by Dana. I wouldn’t want anything less, and I wouldn’t want to promote an old and potentially inferior product – at least not without disclosing everything that I know about it. I believe in the products that I promote, and if I haven’t purchased them, I spend lots of time conducting research. After all, I can’t possibly buy everything that I write about. I’m not independently wealthy and write as a hobby. With that said, if someone wants the old product, that’s their decision, but I wouldn’t want it to promote or wear it.

Dana Love's Baby Soft Body Mist for Women, 1.5 Fluid OunceDana Love’s Baby Soft Body Mist for Women, 1.5 Fluid Ounce

The item pictured seems to be the best deal right now, and shipping is free. That makes it even better, but feel free to compare prices and quantities for yourself. I’m confident that it’s the real deal and not an old product like many of the others that you’ll find on your own. It’s the lowest price per ounce right now, and it’s genuine. It has a five-star rating across the board, and it comes in the original box. It’s the product that I will order before I run out. I know what to look for, but I have a few last tips on finding fresh fragrances.

Be Wary of Unboxed Products That Look Like the Old Mem Bottles

One last word of warning to my readers and friends. You likely asked the same question that I did, and that’s why you’re here. You likely wondered why Love’s Baby Soft is made by Mem and Dana? Like I said, one at least 30 years old, and the other is fresh. Some sellers are describing their products as made by the latest manufacturer, but they look like the oldest containers to me. I don’t think that they’re really the good brand. The fakes don’t usually come with boxes, and for that very reason, pay careful attention to the photos, ratings and descriptions. Some are misrepresented and clearly not made by an existing producer. As you’ll see, the oldest lids are short and shallow, and the name isn’t visible on the bottle(s) in the photos. Most sellers are honest and hardworking people, but a small percentage are misrepresenting what they’re selling and/or not providing enough information. Some are lying by omission.

Have You Tried the Sparkling Kind?

Although I’m a middle-aged woman, I love shimmering lotions and sprays. If you love soft scents, consider trying Love’s Baby Soft Skin Glow Mist. Not only is it an authentic product, but it also contains tiny sparkles that shimmer and shine in both natural and artificial light. My daughter loves it, and so do I. 

Loves Baby Soft by Dana (Loves Baby Soft by Dana (“Skin Glow Mist 4 oz”)


Don’t worry. It really is by Dana. After finding out why and when the others were made by Mem, you have to be leery. I find it appalling that some would sell a decades old product as new, and without disclosing the age, especially since it’s a product that could spoil. I’ve been very careful when ordering and promoting the fragrance ever since. Although some are saying that the Skin Glow Mist doesn’t smell the same as classic LBS, most are satisfied and love the soft fresh scent.

To sum it up, you can’t please everyone every time whether a product is new, old, authentic or not. The sparkles are a plus, and I highly recommend it if you prefer Love’s Baby Soft by Dana and eye-catching sparkling skin. You’re never too old to sparkle, and I love wearing it with v-neck tanks and tees. However, I want to shine with something new.


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