Low Calorie Lunch: Chicken Adobo Without Fat

I woke up with moderate hunger pangs, no headaches, and with a bright smile.  This second day of the diet program will just be like any day less the unnecessary calories.

Weigh in result was 129 lbs. I just lost 1 pound compared to yesterday. Nevertheless, I continued to hope for good results in the next few days. The breakfast was the same – 1 boiled egg and 1 medium orange.

Lunch was a bit late, at around 2:30 because we woke up late. I think I cheated a bit on my meal today. The program indicated that lunch was supposed to be boiled chicken, which I understand should not be seasoned, but I cooked chicken adobo for the family and am already too lazy to cook another set. I just took 2 pieces of chicken from the pot, removed the skin, and flaked the white meat.

day 2 lunch

It yielded about two-thirds of a cup. That was my lunch. To avoid the feeling of deprivation, I picked up the small pieces of chicken meat one by one using a fork and chewed ever so sloooowly to savor what little serving of food I had. Looking at the bright side, it was a good way to rediscover the hidden flavors of the food I often took for granted.

To those who want to follow this journey, this was my dinner the night before:

Low Calorie Dinner – Boiled or Fried Meat Without Fat

 and the meal after this 

Low Calorie Dinner: Fruits, Veggies, Toast, and Egg



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