Low Calorie Lunch: Chunky Chicken Soup

My starting weight today looked promising. I weighed 124 lbs. Having lost 6 pounds on the 5th day of dieting was a great encouragement for me to keep going.

For five days in a row now, my breakfast consisted of 1 boiled egg and 1 orange. I didn’t mind the monotony. I like them both anyway. Lunch was a challenge, since I have to work around my menu to keep my cooking and grocery shopping systematic.

chicken macaroni soup

Because my menu states I have to eat boiled chicken and vegetables, I cooked chicken macaroni soup with lots of veggies. I picked some chicken pieces as well as vegetables. But the enticing aroma of the hot and milky chicken macaroni soup was irresistible. I poured in some of the macaroni pieces, too. Methinks that what I did is cheating. I just justified that I have been on a  low calorie count for the past four days prior to this meal anyway.

To those who want to follow this journey, this was my dinner

My Weight Loss Journal Day 4: Dinner 2 Apples Chilled in Ice Water





image is mine

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