Luck Knocks Only Once Episde two

In the first episode a stranger had approached Maleya to leave him a huge sum of money. Follow the story here.

Maleya found himself bidding the request of this man without thinking. The man opened the briefcase and deposited a sum of five million dollars with him. Maleya just wrote the figure on a piece of paper and gave it to the man who left in a hurry.

The remaining of the day became a nightmare to Maleya. He found himself making silly mistakes as he thought how he will account for such a huge sum of money left in his hands without opening an account and depositing the money in it.The bank authorities will need to know where the money came from. The money did not belong to him. It was not his and neither was it the bank’s. He had expected the man to mysteriously appear to claim his money. He also expected either bandits to enter and accost him or better still policemen to come and arrest him for being in possession of cash which he could not account for. Did the man who left him with the money steal it? None of those things happened to him though he was left with the dilemma of how he will ferry the money from the bank to his home unnoticed. It was nearing closing time and he feared which trick he will use to make the money disappear from the bank.

The ancestors were not wrong when they coined the adage that a foolish worker quarrels with his tools. He was foolish and now was bitterly quarreling with his tools.

Then an idea struck him! It was like a bombshell erupting in his brain. ‘Luck only knocks once’. His once was now! He either does or dies.
He took his phone and called a friend who was a customer in the bank. Making sure nobody was eavesdropping, he told him to come and make a small withdrawal in the bank pronto. With the withdrawal he was going to give him a huge chunk of money to carry for him.

Nick, the name of Maleya’s friend wanted to know if he was robbing the bang but he assured him he wasn’t into robbery but wanted to carry some money that a person had left with him and failed to come and collect.

His friend came with the briefcase and as planned the money was carried out of the bank.

Luck knocks only once on a person’s door!

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