Luck Knocks Only Once Episode four

There is always a way in which things do happen in a persons life where luck is concerned. There is always a silver lining that finally comes after a period of great suffering.

He was awoken by somebody knocking on his door. It was only the newspaper boy delivering the local dailies to the customers of the hotel. He literally snatched the three dailies from him and locked the door behind him.

The news of the day hit him like a one ton hammer. They made his body pores open so wide and live his whole body dripping wet with heavy sweat.

There was a picture of the man who had deposited the money with him lying dead in a pool of blood. The newspapers reported that the man was murdered in cold blood. The people who did the heineous were suspected to be robbers who seized a certain bank in the Lower Niger and had escaped with a huge sum of money. Beside the murdered man was an empty briefcase!

There were no identification papers found on the dead person and so they could not trace his home of origin nor his attackers.
Maleya felt relief overflowing his whole body. He felt as if a very heavy object had been lifted from his shoulders. He felt like singing ‘Hallelujah,” to God who made him lucky to harvest where he did not sow.

He decided not to go back to his house but to go upcountry to spent his weekend with his siblings and parents. He wanted to keep his fortune as a secret for the time being.

His heart was singing with joy. The ancestors were madly right when they said that every cloud has a silver lining. Maleya had suddenly become five million grand richer. But what if the people who killed the man who had deposited the money came for him? What if the police were after him? Nick knew he ferried a fortune out of the bank. What if he let the cat out of the bag?
Luck knocks only once!

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