Luck Knocks Only Once Episode three

When you get some wealth that you never expected, can we term that as luck? Does luck favor some people while it avoids some? Let us expound more on this luck thing.

We saw in the first part of this story how a man called Maleya struck it lucky and ended up with five million dollars in his house. A man had just come to his Barclays Bank Branch where he worked and left him with$5,000,000.00.

He was in dilemma how to ferry this huge amount of money from the bank, yet the adage a friend in need is a friend in deed never went unapplauded as his friend Nick came to his rescue.

With the money safely locked in a safe in his house, Maleya found it hard to sleep in his house. Danger loomed in every crack of his house. Phantoms sprung from nowhere and threatened to devour him. He decided to drive to the nearest guest house and spent the night there. He drove directly to the Three Steers and booked a room there. As he was very hungry, he decided to take a quick meal from the safety of his room and go to sleep. He had the most disturbing sleep of his life.

At one point he dreamt of headless old men taking beer from the carcass of his body. The stomach had been cut open; a hole enough to hold their beer was drilled and they used siphons to suckle their beer mixed with his blood. He was unable to prevent the actions as he was in his sub consciousness.
Soon the morning sun shone from the spaces left by the curtains. He wanted to throw away his bed sheets and rush to the bathroom for a refreshing bath and run to work when he realized it was a Saturday. What a relief! Saturdays were not working days for them.
Without any further ado, he covered himself properly and tried to catch up with the sleep he had missed during the night.

Part four to follow after.

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