Luck Knocks Only Once Episode one

What is this thing that we call luck? Is it to say that what befalls us on earth depends on luck? Does it mean it is luck that makes a person live on this earth? Does this luck depend on the place and time of birth that you were born in? Stars according to astrologers have a significant role on how lucky one gets in life. Luck normally knocks only once in person’s lifetime.

Maleya woke up one day feeling very low in his spirits. The sweet melodious singing and chirping of the birds to herald the morning did not cheer him up. Something of a big magnitude was surely going to happen to him. However hard he tried to figure it out, his memory met with a solid end. He wished what he felt to subside but he was seriously bothered and restless about the whole thing.
He had the feeling of failing to report to his work but the sense of duty compelled him. He could not spent the whole sleeping for no apparent reason and so he decided against the idea. The Barclays Bank where he worked depended on his efficiency on the job and he couldn’t in any way let them down by failing to report on duty. He was a teller of a renowned reputation that made his seniors to trust and respect him an honor he was not ready to break at any time.
He rose up from his bed and drowsily went to the fridge to get a glass of water. He took some aspirins from his bedside cabinet and washed them down with the water. He felt his nerves slowly relaxing. He then went to the bathroom and took a warm shower and then dressed to go to work.
As he drove along the road, black cats kept on crossing his paths. He knew that this spelt ill luck awaiting him. He felt like making a U-turn and go back home but the foot magnetically stuck to the accelerator. Soon he arrived at his place of work and he could not notice anything unusual as he arrived. The building was just as he had left it the other evening and the workers were just arriving as normally as on other days.

Soon he was seated on his counter ready to begin his daily work. As was normal with him he cleared with the customers faster than his colleagues at work. As he finished serving a plump but tall lady wearing a red chiffon dress, a tall lean man came to his counter.
“I need your help my friend, “he whispered through his teeth.
“Just allow me to deposit the contents of this briefcase with you as if I am a normal customer here as what I have in here is being sought of by so many bad people. Just help me though am no customer here,” he added.

To be continued

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