Can You Treat Your Maid A Member Of Your Family?


Who Is A Maid?
This may be a househelp hired to help with household chores. They may include cooking for the family, baby sitting and running of small erands.

Why Do We Need A Maid?
A maid comes in handy when both partners are working. There needs to be somebody to care for the house when all the adults in the house have gone to work and school-going children have gone to school. Maids can help with the work as the members of the family come back tired.

Some households are too big and actually hire the help of a househelp. At times they may hire even more than one depending on the family size.

Why Should We Treat The Maid As Family?
It happens that at times we may live with maids for a very long period. She comes to know the household and its occupants like the back of ones hand. We know the maid well too. She ceases to be a stranger in the house. It is just fair to treat her like a family member.

Maids take care of everything in the house including the occupants. She cooks food, launders and takes care of the kids. We become dependant on them. If we mistreat them, we may subject them into planning mischief on us. They may poison us, steal from us and even mistreat the children.

Can You Include Your MaidbIn Your Inheritance?
It is just prudent to cater for our maids long after we are gone. We may include them in our inheritance. They should be heirs with the members of the family.

You can plan to secure property for them. How often we disregard maids! How often do we mistreat our househelps? We feed them on leftovers and treat them like outcasts.

Maids are important in our families and we should maje them feel so. Let them feel special and work fir us from deep in their hearts.

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