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Do you think you need to publish a detailed lengthy Forbes-worthy article to make money online? Think again.

Some people want to blog or write but get discouraged because they think that if they can’t create content that’s 1500 to 3000 words they won’t be successful and won’t get paid.

  • Here’s my tip.  To begin your freelance writing /blogging/online endeavors, you have to start somewhere.  Start!  Just don’t start out with 3000 words.  

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My online publishing experience has certainly been an arduous growth and development process. But all the credit goes to the savvy online entrepreneurs who created sites and communities where people can publish short posts and still make money.

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In 2007 when I started trying to make money online, finding writing opportunities seemed impossible and my early attempts at blogging were disastrous.  But a decade later, social blogging communities and online writing communities are having “cat fights” with each other and I’m loving it!  It’s healthy competition.

At first, it was almost impossible to find income opportunities and now I actually have choices. There are many sites that offer a way to earn residual or passive income and most of them are free to join.

Daily Two Cents is such a site. Check the Writer’s Guidelines. It specifically says: “Posts must be 200 words or longer”. Just 200 words? How hard can that be? I can speak from my own experience. Not hard at all.

Here is a quick list of sites where I am currently publishing short posts and my activity (posting, commenting, etc.) is generating an income stream.
It’s a forum and there are lots of different discussion sections such as Q&A for webmasters, advice for making money online, etc.  Learn and earn. You must apply to become an article writer. My application was approved. Not all members publish articles. But all members can earn income from their activity. Minimum cash out is $5.
You can initiate discussions or just chime in on lively discussions. Get paid for interacting. Like Facebook only you do get a “penny for your thoughts”. Minimum cash out is $5.
To become an active member, you must first sign up via and become eligible to post in their forums. It’s sort of a “writing test”. If you can pass through the Postloop qualification process, you will gain access to several forums you can join and start earning. SuperiorThan is one of those forums.  There are other forums.  But I like this one.  Minimum cash out is $5.
This site is so much fun! There are so many ways to publish content. Short posts. Lists. Quizzes. Polls. Join free. Minimum cash out is $10.

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