How to Make the Most of Your Disney Holiday

Hands down, spending a day or two at Disneyland is an experience of a lifetime. It is even a dream-come-true especially for the young and the young at heart. But behind its pleasures and excitements, it’s not uncommon to see crying children, experience aching feet and mingle with overwhelming crowds as you try to get a place in some of its attractions. While many would be Disney travelers are too immersed in looking for good deals like the ones offered in DVC rental store, a lot of them fail to foresee some realities. In order to make the most of your Disney holiday, here are some things you can consider.


Advance Planning


Even if you’re going out on a fun trip, a visit to Disney definitely requires a plan. Let alone, the two parks house more than 50 attractions. The count doesn’t even include shows, restaurants and shops. Without a well-placed plan, you won’t be able to get your best in Disney. Before making the trip, you should structure your tour in a way that allows you to visit your favorite attractions, see nighttime shows or witness parades.


To be able to make a good plan, it would be good to do a little research. This will also allow you to find good opportunities like buying Disney vacation club points.  You may also rent Disney vacation club points if at a DVC rental store if you want. When planning visits, be sure to include backup itineraries. This will ensure that your tour is not interrupted just in case something goes out of hand like ride breakdown or bad weather. And oh, don’t forget to make reservations where necessary.




Waiting in line is one of the most common dilemmas in a Disney visit. In order to avoid it, you should avail of the park’s service called Fastpass. This is a reservation system that allows guests to reserve access to their chosen attraction or experience at a specific time. Once you have secured a Fastpass ticket, you can check in at a Fastpass entrance and see the attraction you chose with little or no wait.


Comfortable Clothing


Even with its beautiful attractions and scenes, a Disney visit involves a lot of walking and sun. That said, it would be wise to wear light sneakers or rubber shoes during the tour. You also need to protect your skin and eyes from the burning afternoon sun by wearing sun glasses, a hat and light clothing. Keeping a sweatshirt handy can also help to keep you protected from UV rays.


Just the Right Luggage


Since most Disneyland tours last for only a day or two, it is not necessary for you to pack like you are about to spend a week in the mountain. Bringing just enough of your most important needs will be fine. This should include a few pieces of comfortable wear, a bottle of sunscreen, a pair of shoes and a reusable water bottle. Bringing a few packs of your favorite snacks won’t hurt your bag either. Don’t forget to bring your cell phone and camera with extra battery packs. These can help you to document your stay at the “happiest place on earth.” Always remember to include the DVC rental store in your Disney travel plans.


Doing a Disney visit doesn’t necessarily require you to be super prepared as someone going away for a long time. To make the most of it, what you really need is a careful plan and taking good deals from trusted sources like the DVC rental store. This will help you to structure your needs and activities. It will also work to lighten your load, minimize cost and maximize your experience. 


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