Make sure you’re not mutton dressed as lamb

Is there anything more excruciating than looking in a mirror, expecting to feel pleased about the way you look after you have spent ages picking your outfit and deciding on your accessories, to suddenly realize that you are in fact, exactly what you have been trying to avoid for years: mutton dressed as lamb. A phrase that was first used in print over two hundred years ago in 1811, it described a woman who was dressing so young compared to her age that she was causing comment amongst her friends and family, and it was considered so outrageous that something had to be done! The phrase is still just as true now as it was then, and no one wants to be at the receiving end of that sort of comment – so how can you make sure that you’re not mutton dressed as lamb?

mutton dressed as lamb

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Would your daughter wear it?

Whether you have a daughter or not, this is a classic way to assess whether a piece of clothing is just a little too young for you. Think about what the current young generation is wearing. Is what you’re hoping to wear pretty much the same thing? If you have walked down the street and seen someone who could be your daughter’s sort of age wearing it, then we’re sorry but it just may have passed by your generation and been inherited by the next. There’s no reason why you can’t wear it with a twist, but do not expect to immediately be able to get away with it.

Did you buy it over a decade ago?

There are some styles that are absolutely classic and will never go out of style . . . but those are far and few between. If you have bought an item of clothing over a decade ago, chances are that when you first bought it you could wear it whenever you wanted without comment – but that time has probably past, and it may be time to accept that it simply isn’t you anymore. If you can still fit into it all power to you, but just because it fits that does not mean that you should wear it!

mutton dressed as lamb

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Has someone raised their eyebrow at you wearing it?

Many people do not like to say anything if they see someone wearing something that is a little bit inappropriate for their age, but that does not mean that you will not be able to tell that they disapprove – just look out for that eyebrow raise! We’ve all seen it, and some of us have done it to other people, but as soon as you notice someone do it to you then you know that you’re wearing an outfit that is just too much.

It can be upsetting at times, realizing that the clothes that you loved are no longer going to be the foundation of your wardrobe – but think about it a different way. Now you have the perfect excuse to go shopping again and buy a whole new lot of clothes! Of course, there is no reason why you cannot turn the tables, and change the way you look to be more like lamb than mutton! Anyone who has taken a Botox course of injections will know that it can take years from you, completely changing your outlook when it comes to what is deemed acceptable to wear! Why not leave the fear of choosing an outfit behind, and simply make yourself look and feel younger instead? There are plenty of options ahead of you, so just make sure that you never go out of the house looking like mutton dressed as lamb!

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