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Just how much competition is within the world? There’s a whole lot of competition surrounding each and every person. Some face competitors head on. There could be heated debates and some will even have to obtain legal advice in order to be able “to proceed” in business or other ventures. There are some competitors who refuse to let up. Always looking for ways to get their competition down. There can be a lot of trickery involved when trying to pursue a business venture or even the ones who have been in business for a long time will discover how deceptive some are willing to be in order to gain more. 

Not every person will project unethical business practices. There are some who may start slow but end up with plenty when deciding to remove the negatives and continue on. Competitors are like sharks. If a person isn’t careful the competition can cause a business to fail or even cause harm to their competition. So many find out that the ones they’ve perceived to be outstanding are the very ones who are like knives. Constantly stabbing their competition in the back. 

The ones who are highly successful may appear to be very pleased with their ventures but really aren’t. The ones who constantly try to cause disruption in one’s business are extremely insecure. They’re probably aware of the “potential” the pursuer has and may want to stop the rise. There are some willing to stand up to such business bullies. The ones who want to see growth occur will try to stop the culprits from being down a business venture. 

The economy can not flourish if there’s too many trying to bring business seekers down. There can be more revenue earned if more were willing to be cooperative. Not too many appear to be on the team of excelling. There’s way too many trying to make sure that others don’t “achieve” what is deserved. There are a lot of business owners who are seeking to live better lives and also are concerned about the state of the economy. 

If the ones who are constantly thinking like crabs continue their antics then they’ll continue to do a disservice to not only business but society. So many may find that their efforts to achieve greater will be dismantled by greedy and insecure competitors. Every business owner should stay alert and continue to make sure their business or businesses are “thriving.” The growth process could start out slow but end up being highly successful. 

“Believe in Self and Continue on With the Ventures. There’s Always Hope.” By: Tanikka Paulk

“Never Know When a Closed Door Will Open up so be Prepared to Receive an Invitation.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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