Makeup Tips for Sheer, Even Coverage Without Foundation

For many of us, traditional makeup foundation feels too heavy on our skin. Even though we’ve tried various brands, application methods and use a light hand when applying, foundation feels heavy, sticky and uncomfortable. This makeup tip is for those of you who feel this way or who just want and need a more sheer coverage than foundation can provide. And as an added bonus, this tip will improve facial skin quality and help keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay by increasing the moisture applied to face. Use a sunscreen product and increase the bonus factor by preventing sun damage to your face.

Hydrate Face

Cleanse face as normal, lightly pat with a clean towel to remove excess moisture, but don’t completely dry the skin. Massage a dime-sized dollop of your favorite moisturizer into face and wait five minutes so moisturizer can penetrate and soak into skin. Use a skin nourishing moisturizer that contains vitamins C and E to improve skin health and sunscreen to prevent UV damage to skin.

Concealer Coverage

Dot a creamy concealer under eyes and blend outward, connecting the dots. Use a concealer which is one-half shade lighter than natural skin tone to avoid ‘raccoon eyes’. Dot and blend the creamy concealer on any other facial blemishes and allow to dry for a few moments.

Sheer Coverage

Put your favorite brand of tinted moisturizer on a makeup sponge (a sponge helps spread the moisturizer evenly). Dab the sponge on forehead center and blend upward toward hairline. Next, dab and blend down the nose and outward across the cheeks. Lightly blend across jaw towards the upper part of neck for full and sheer facial coverage that evens out skin tone, covers imperfections and gives you a polished look without added makeup weight.

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