Making Money With Postloop

Postloop is a great way to make some money. After signing up, you simply pick forums from their list that interest you and sign up to them. You then let Postloop know what your name and email address used to register on the forum is by filling it out on the forum list. You can post on the forums and earn points then! Be aware though, forum owners expect good quality posts and are allowed to rate you.

If you get too low of a cumulative rating, your access to a lot of the forums goes away. Each has a specific rating number a user must be in order to sign up. For each post you make on the forum, you get points back on Postloop. 100 points equals about $5.00 and you can withdraw the amount then if you want. You can also save up the points for as long as you like, you don’t have to cash out right away. It can take a little bit to reach 100 points – most forums only allow you to make 5 posts a day for points. Occasionally, you will find one that allows unlimited posts though.

I’ve made about $50 doing Postloop since I started the first of July. It is a pretty easy way to make money, just be sure to follow the rules and post interesting topics on the forums you sign up for.

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