Managed Printing Solution – Does Your Business Need it?

You will not be able to appreciate the value of Managed Printing solution if you’re not sure that it has the capability to deliver benefits to your business. Many companies tend to ignore their expenses on printing and copying because they’re not too aware that it can own up to 3% of a company’s yearly revenues. If you are interested in knowing these costs, you should install an effective monitoring and control system of your printing environment.


Managed printing solution is an investment, but it can certainly do something to eliminate wastes, optimize printing operations and save your company a lot of money. But how can you determine if your business qualifies for this system? Here are some factors that can help to let you know that your company is in need of a solution to manage its printing environment.


1. Your Business Uses Printing Technology


Whether you only have three printing or imaging devices in your office or hundreds that are distributed in 10 branches across the region, MPS can work well to your advantage. Managed printing solution can deliver benefits to companies regardless of size and number of printing devices.


2. Your Busines Is Not Using a Print Strategy


The term print strategy is unknown to many companies. In fact, there are only a handful of companies that monitor printing as a cost center. The absence of a print strategy can mean costs which can accumulate into a huge sum over time. You might not know it, but the costs of printing and related jobs own up to 3% of a company’s total yearly revenue. Using a print strategy allows you to manage and monitor your printing devices. It can help your business save up to 30% on printing costs.


An effective way to put a print strategy in place is to adopt a managed print services. It is a system that optimizes the performance of your printing devices and relieve your IT staff from a lot of loads and allow them to focus on more important tasks.


3. You Have No Idea How Much Your Company Spends on Printing


Lots of businesses are not monitoring their printing costs. In fact, most of them are only taking into account the expenditures they make on the equipment and its supplies. These costs are just a tip of what they actually spend on printing. There are other costs associated with printing and these can certainly cause an impact on total investment. These costs include maintenance, employee salaries and wages, and wasted time and supplies due to unnecessary printing. Companies that learn about the totality of these costs for the first time will surely get a big surprise.


4. You Want to Cut Costs and Save Money


The effectiveness of managed print services lies in the efficiency and cost-saving capability of the system itself. Efficiency optimizes the performance of IT staff and make them more productive in other important areas of the business. The reduction or elimination of unnecessary printing jobs make the company save what could have been a wasted cost.


An effective managed printing solution is able to monitor all the devices in a print environment. It allows the administrator to pinpoint a unit that breaks down and have it replaced with a working unit. This helps to shorten equipment downtime. Companies that utilize MPS enjoy savings of up to 30% of their printing costs.


These factors allow you to know that you are in need of managed printing solution. If your company falls in any of these categories, you should try managed print services for your business.


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