So Many Experiences but Still There’s joy

We’ll have to endure adversity some faced more adversity than others. It’s not easy when we’re up against a lot of attacks all at once but God made each individual strong. Through our experiences we may think we’ve weakened due to the line of thinking. Going through many storms can create more strength. There’s nothing bared in which we’re unable to handle. There’s a reason why we have certain experiences. Why we’ll go through some of toughest situations. For some is to “build up” for the next stage in their lives and for others it’s to teach a lesson or lessons. 

We’re not always wanting to experience some of the situations we’ll experience in life but we’ll have to endure the storm. Just know the storms don’t last always. There will be some light shinning through the window pane. When it appears dark and gloomy remember hope. The hope which fills each day. When the troubles come making their way in. There is a solution waiting somewhere. When there appears to be hate. There’s love waiting in the wings. 

There’s a reason to fight. A reason to go on and progress. No time to have a pity party. No amount of troubles should cause one to just give up. Giving up shouldn’t be an option. Even when it appears the whole world has turned away. There is a reason to be joyous. There’s a reason that we may it to one day to the next. “There’s a purpose in it all.” There will come a time when all the troubles will die down. The attacks will lessen and the hate will fade. 

Perhaps we’ll go through certain experiences to obtain something we were missing. There will be a time of pain and tears rolling down but tears dry up. There will be thoughts of something painful but in time the pain will also fade away. A time of healing and a time to just allow the healing to take place. We’re “conquerors” and we should never believe we’re not deserving but we must go through the heartache. No weapon formed will prosper. 

There a time when nothing but breakthroughs will come in. Doors will open up and there will be abundance. If we’re patient then we’ll see that the pain and heartache was all worth going through. Reaching a level we’ve never imagined. Even when there’s a fall. There’s the “get back up” and try again. Perhaps there will be many attempts but at least one is brave enough to put in the effort. Continue to remain hopeful and focus on the good that’s surrounded by the dim situations. 

Some may want others to give but go on. In fact do a bit more. Continue to be confident and have faith and soon enough there will be the prosperity. The fulfillment one has hoped for. Keep rising up and no need to look back. The time will surely come when we’ll say, “A job Well Done,” there work will continue. Perhaps the loads will lessen. Be encouraged and never allow the words of others to lessen the confidence. “There’s joy even if sadness enters.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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