The Many Surprising Uses of The Papaya Plant

The papaya plant is one of the most valuable plants around. Few people are aware of the amazing uses and benefits of this plant as a whole. Most of us have tried the sweet orange fruit of this tall tropical plant, but less of us are aware of it’s other uses.

It is good to know, for a start, that the ripe fruit is not the only part of the plant that you can consume. You can eat papayas while they are still green – in salads and cooked dishes, the seeds can be used in small amounts as a substitute for pepper, the male flowers of the plant can be eaten cooked in very particular ways, and the young leaves of the tree can be made into a tea with healing properties.

The various properties that have been discovered are encouraging. Studies have shown that traditional use of the papaya leaf tea to alleviate the symptoms of dengue fever are indeed effective, and research has suggested that there may also be potential for use in treating cancer:

Aside from being edible and medicinal, the papaya plant is used in many beauty products. It is a large component of a lot of skin creams, ointments, lip balms and face masks. But a number of beauty products can be made at home including home made face masks and treatments for treating hard skin.

Part of the reason that papaya is great for making beauty items is that it contains pectin. Pectin is an enzyme that digests protein – and this makes it perfect for adding to exfoliators and makes possible many papaya supplements that are used to assist in digestion.

Even in it’s natural form, the pectin content in ripe fruit, as well as the dietary fiber, makes papaya great for digestion.-



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