So Many Will Have to Face Disruptors

Ever heard of the quote? “Haters Going to Hate.” Well the quote is absolutely right. No matter what one achieves or tries to achieve there will always be some who aren’t happy with the movement. The good thing is. They’re the ones who let “visionaries” know that they’re on the right path. All do we know? They wouldn’t hate if we weren’t doing what we’re doing. Anyone achieving in some way will come across some who may be quite displeased. Especially if they’re doing something similar. The whole competition thing. 

Some take the whole hating job so seriously that they’ll come up with tactic after tactic. How much do haters get paid? The salary must be pretty good because they work hard. Hating that is. Always some sort of nonsense. Oh and don’t do something that the disruptors/haters totally disagree with. They’ll be like an army who is commanded to take their opponent down. They will keep going like the energizer bunny. 

Today, tomorrow, and the next day. That’s how they’re routine is. Some may think that they would become tired of charging but no. They’re main objective is to disrupt whatever is in “progress.” Some are having fun and some really take the whole hating on others quite seriously. Sometimes there’s laughter because it’s absolutely amazing that their lives is filled with hating on someone else. 

As soon as morning arrives. They’re front and center. Attention. One, Two, Three Four. With their boots and gear ready for attack. Here they come. Ready or not. They’re coming. So be prepared. There will be something going on. Could disruptors be miserable? Yes, but some may not be unhappy, some may just get a kick out of trying to spoil another person’s day. 

Just do something and generate some “shine.” The individuals come again, again and again. When some see the haters coming. The whole sit back and just watch what they’re going to do takes affect. There’s always something. The routine. Everyday. That’s basically how they’re time is spent. Lurking and as soon as their prey makes a move. They move in closer. Waiting to see what will come next. Make a big move and oh boy. “They’ll group together to try and stop the move.” By: Tanikka Paulk 

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If It’s Amazing Then There Will be Some Hating Going on

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