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Artist:  Mark Knopfler;  Album:  Tracker;  Song: Broken Bones

British musician, singer, songwriter and genius guitarist extraordinaire Mark Knopfler has released his latest album “Tracker” and one of the tracks, the song “Broken Bones” proves that when folks start saying he’s “over the hill” they’ll be able to prove it because they will gladly go over the hill with him so they can listen to some more of his music.

Hey Mark! Are you going over the hill??!!  We’re coming with you!!over the hill

Some Mondays you start the week with enthusiasm and energy, ready to overcome the world. Then there are those kinds of Mondays aptly described in lyrics sung by the late Karen Carpenter – they “always get you down”. If you’re lucky, a radio station will play exactly the right song to suit your mood.

Heard an awesome song on the radio station this morning. It immediately took me back to the days of Bob Dylan, et al, so knew the person singing it must have come from that generation. Recognized the voice but could not remember the name of the artist. Googled it! The name of the tune is “Broken Bones” performed by none other than Mark Knopfler. Turns out it’s a track on his album “Tracker”. It was a perfect pick to begin my Moody Monday.

This album is available for your listening pleasure in a variety of formats – MP3, audio CD and (believe it or not!) … vinyl!

Mark Knopfler is alive and well, not over the hill and still touring!

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Broken Bones Book Cover Broken Bones
From the album Tracker
Mark Knopfler
Digital media music
March 17, 2015

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