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Being a writer and blogger is certainly challenging these days with so many trying to compete and there appears to be a lot of very angry people. If there’s room at the top for all then why do so many become so irritated with the fact others are trying to rise? Well, that’s their problem, just because others aren’t pleased with trying to “improve in some way” that doesn’t mean a person should stop? As long as I’m here there will be some progress. No matter how many attacks, no matter if they’re trying to stop finance, no matter what’s said. 

Be encouraged when others are trying to attack. “It’s obvious there’s something there they’re wanting.” I’ve been writing for many years. Started creative writing in elementary school. Been published in school newspapers and also on poetry websites. Was invited to attend an awards event in Las Vegas for poets, writers, and authors. Have created many short stories. Although accomplishing the creative pieces are a blessing some will try to turn what’s good into something horrible. 

Not wanting others to excel and so they’ll throw spears out and hope the person and anyone else trying to make some progress just give up. What about their own” creativity?” Just doesn’t make sense to waste time on a person who’s trying to move forward and not try to work on their own creativity. So many will have to face the toxins. Unfortunate because they’re the reason why so many become discouraged and stop trying to achieve. 

There’s some writers who have told their stories about how they’ve had to come up against some very mean people. “What’s wrong with these people?” Isn’t there anything in their lives worth paying attention to besides others who are just trying to go about their way? Perhaps they’re not fulfilled. It doesn’t matter what position a person holds. Every individual should be allowed to try and progress in some way and should be allowed to live their own lives.

Always being invasive and on the attack. Why aren’t they “trying to accomplish” something great themselves? Stop worrying about what others are doing and mind their business. Of course they won’t but anyway. It’s better to keep on moving forward. No matter what anyone does there will always be some wanting to try and knock others down. Too bad so many writers have stopped writing because of what the critics have to say. 

Instead of the individuals trying to get others to stop achieving. Why don’t they stop? Wasting precious time on a person and not trying to excel. That’s their problem. No matter how much fighting is going on. There will always be “some who are so determined” and no matter what will move through the angry crowd. Some may hide out but it takes bravery to keep on progressing. 

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