May Be Am Lost About Life

What is this thing that we call life? I normally wonder what it is. Is it the activities that we do everyday or it is just the act of living. Do not tell me to Google it out because what Google wrote came from people like me and you. Life according to me was not supposed to be what we do today. There must have been something bigger and greater than that.

Let me assume you woke up at five in the morning. You must have taken a bath or shower or whatever else you do. Maybe you did some exercises before the bath. You took breakfast and dressed for work. You did that work till the time for lunch then work again. Then you went home after work .You may have had some time with friends over a drink. Then you went home and showered, ate dinner and slept. Then…….. The story goes on and on till we catch up with a disease or accident and die.

Is that what life was all about? There must have been something that we must have missed along the way. May be I am wrong or am the one lost. Yet I do not know what it is either.

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