May not Appear so but it’s There

Sometimes a situation may seem as if it’s never going to straighten out. Through patience and determination the situation will revolve no matter how dysfunctional things appear. There’s a blessing even in the most troubling situations. There’s good somewhere. There will always be trials as long as we’re here. It’s best to ponder on the good points within the situation so that insanity doesn’t occur. Problems can arise at anytime and sometimes it takes time to find the best solutions. 

If we’re confident that a resolution will occur then eventually it will. Sometimes just taking a step back can help create a solution. Sometimes the solution is temporary. Eventually all will end well. Blessings are in some of the bleak’s situations. Even when it appears as if the world is on attack. When evil is used. The evil can be turned into a blessing. When some think they’re creating a fall, they’re efforts could produce many blessings, so many may not have attended to generate blessings.

Evil can not win. God knows exactly what we’re going through and sometimes He allows certain things to take place but through it all. There shall be great rewards. That’s why we shouldn’t feel despaired. “There’s always hope.” When going through trials. We may not understand why certain situations occur. Later we may figure out why and sometimes we’ll never know. Just know that nothing we go through is too much to bare. 

There’s light even when it appears to complete darkness. Some situations aren’t made to be solved by God’s people. Just finding positive activities to engage in will keep the mind occupied so that we’re not full of trouble. Being consumed with the problems can create a health decline. Better living occurs when we learn how to deal with problems better. In it all there’s growth. Time helps heal but it’s through faith that we’re able to soar when an environment is filled with dysfunctions. 

If we think “prosperity” and think about the goodness in it all then we’ll fair better. Focusing on the troubles can weigh anyone down. We’re uplifted when we continue to be encouraged. Of course it isn’t easy ging through trial after trial but eventually we develop what we need to develop in order to “advance.” Doesn’t matter how many people are trying to cause disruptions. When the time is right. There will be a close to the bleak looking situation and a “breakthrough” will surely occur. 

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“Even When Trouble Arises. There’s a Blessing in and Around.” (Tanikka Paulk)

There’s Blessings all Around

Featured Photo Belongs to Tanikka Paulk

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