They may not Want to Highlight Women Achieving More and Making More

There’s a lot of women who are in leadership positions and a lot of men aren’t pleased about their positions. I’m one to say, “The United States and all Around the World may not be Ready for a Female President.” The statement is due to observations. Just take a look at how women are treating in the workplace. How they’re less likely to receive a raise. How men made more money than women. We’re in a new age now. Of course they’re wanting to talk about how women have excelled and are making a lot more than a lot of men. Here’s an example. 

There’s an article on the TheRichest which sates Serena Williams net worth which is 75 Million and on another site called Celebrity Net Worth. The site states “Serena’s net worth being 160 Million.” Not bad. So some male athletes aren’t making anywhere near what Serena Williams is making. Therefore some may not be pleased with having to compete with females. The whole ego. When one achieves as much as Serena has. There’s no time to focus on what the haters will say. 

Serena Williams has named as a “Remarkable Person.” An article has been written about Serena’s Achievements. “The author.” The article is apart of “The Remarkable Person Project” Founder .

Tanikka Paulk
Tanikka Paulk

Here’s the Article 

Serena Williams Puts in the Hard Work

Some may not be happy with not only a woman making millions of dollars, may not be happy with the race, and the fact that an African woman can achieve a whole lot. Serena Williams did and is continuing to do so. There will be a lot of men who are overly competitive and when they’re out of control with their competitiveness then they’ll become like darkness. Not wanting to see others get “ahead.” Then there goes the crab mentality. 

Is Serena concerned about what the haters are saying and will have to say? Probably not, There will be the chatter. Even the women will become envious of the success. Serena certainly worked for the achievements. Continuing to shine. Not everyone wants to see others elevate. Some will try to hinder any success. Every achievement is considered “success.” No person should feel as if there’s no achievements. even a small achievement is better than none at all. 

Women can achieve as much as men. in fact a lot of women have and will continue to excel higher than men. It’s unfortunate when so many men try to pull women down in order to make themselves feel better. Imagine men trying to knock a woman down in order to stay on top. Perhaps they may be undercover abusers. Just a thought. Women should continue to achieve and no matter what’s said. “Continue to believe” in themselves. 

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