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I’ve used medications for the worst neck pain for the past 14 years. I’ve tried just about every natural remedy imaginable and many prescription drugs. Some worked, while others didn’t. Because I know what it is to suffer, I’ve made it a point to share what worked and what didn’t for me. Some meds had negative side effects, while others came through when nothing else worked. Keep in mind that what works for some will not work for others. That’s why I’m not mentioning specific drugs, but I have a couple of good suggestions. It’s ultimately up to your healthcare provider to come up with a pain management plan and medications for the worst neck pain. Sometimes surgery is needed, and in other cases, it’s just a matter of going through physical therapy. It really does help! In the meantime, you can find relief.

Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Medications

If you’re tried every topical medication for neck aches and they haven’t helped, a doctor can prescribe anti-inflammatory medications, pain medications and muscle relaxers. Because of prescription drug abuse, some general practitioners as well as specialists will no longer prescribe enough of anything that really helps. Abusers have ruined it for those who really need help. Some healthcare providers are afraid of DEA investigations and other serious repercussions. Unfortunately, many misconceptions still exist when it comes to current prescription pain remedies, even at the pharmacy. Since I’m not a doctor or a healthcare provider, I’m not going to mention specific medications for the worst neck pain, but a pain management specialist can and will help. They’re your best source of medicinal information and pain relief. 

Try Natural Tiger Balm Patches

When looking for ways to help a sore neck, try Tiger Balm Patches. They are the best topical pain relieving patches that I have found, and I have tried many brands, varieties and styles of patches and lotions. I prefer patches over messy creams, especially since I have long hair. They protect my clothing too. I would not want to use anything else on my neck. The active ingredients are infused in a sticky gel-like substance, and the back is covered with ultra-soft fabric. They stick until I am ready to remove them. However, they are not painful to remove like bandages are. Best of all, when searching for  topical remedies for muscle aches, they often helped when nothing else did.

Tiger Balm Patch, Pain Relieving Patch, 4Tiger Balm Patch, Pain Relieving Patch, 4″x2.75″, 5-Count Packages (Pack of 6) – $29.78

They’re Cheapest Online

Unless you’re desperate right now, forget about buying Tiger Balm Patches from your local drugstore. I couldn’t believe how much they marked up the price of Tiger Balm Patches. They’re twice the price at the most popular drugstores. I always buy them online since I have the cheapest source. I signed up for automatic shipments after going through one or two patches a day. It saved a ton of money. 

I Don’t Need Pain Relieving Patches as Often Now

These days I don’t need patches or meds as often because I’ve had major neck surgery. I have three biological fusions and plates. However, I’m not totally free from discomfort. Even six months after surgery, I still need medications for the worst neck pain. It’s not as bad as it used to be, but when muscles and nerves have been compromised, it can still be a problem.

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