The Medieval Joust Sculptural Wall Frieze

A medieval sculpture in a wall frieze that showcases the rich history of jousting and the brave knights who fought for their life and the king’s honour is a unique piece of wall decor from Design Toscano. Jousting was a dangerous sport of medieval times where two knights on horseback fought their opponents till they threw them out of the horse seat. The weapon which they used was a lance resembling a spear that was actually a shaft with a pointed metal head.

Design Toscano The Medieval Joust Sculptural Wall FriezeSaint Michael Pocket Coin Zinc Alloy/Cardstock/PVC Pouch
The Medieval Joust Sculptural Wall Frieze

To the deafening crowd and the roaring horse hoof beats, these warriors fought till they unhorsed each other. Perhaps many of the jousts lost lives, perhaps many of them lost their limbs and suffered lethal injuries but that was the way the royal combats took place. This was an extreme game indeed but it gave many young warriors a career in king’s army. This is yet another form of chivalry that dated back to the middle ages and was practiced in England, France and Germany. Later on it became a sport event, an entertainment for the Elites and the crowds who would flock to the stadiums in hundreds and thousands.

The wall frieze is an excellent example of the ancient knight’s fight and his win to the glory. It is handcrafted in a high quality designer resin wall art and sculpted with antique stone finish.

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