Meet Jo Harrington, Renaissance Woman

Jo Harrington, Renaissance Woman ~ Historian, Activist, Freelance Writer, and more.  If you already know Jo, then you probably just call her Super Woman! 🙂

Meet Jo Harrington. I’ve met her and you should also. She’s like a Rock Star in the online writing communities.  Discovered her publishing her varied articles at That’s how we crossed paths with each other. But that’s not the only place you can find her. This lady really gets around the web.

Jo HarringtonWhat do I like about Jo? Well at one time for my author’s profile on, which was the first site that ever accepted one of my articles for publication, my introductory bio stated “Renaissance Woman”. (My articles were published under the name “Treathyl Fox”; not “cmoneyspinner”.)  After comparing my writing work to any of Ms. Harrington’s public profiles and articles, the contrast was obvious.

  • Moi? Pseudo-Wanna Be-Think She Can Fool People Into Believing She Knows Stuff-Renaissance harrinton
  • Jo Harrington? Real Renaissance Woman, i.e., really does possess an understanding and knowledge of a wide range of topics and is capable of making practical application and discussing subject matter with others very intelligently.

You can have a conversation with Jo on just about anything and when you’re done, you leave thinking: “I got to do some more research. I didn’t know all of that!”

Jo Harrington hails from Great Britain. Her credentials and experience are admirable. Her dogged persistence with any project she undertakes motivates me to continue to pursue my WAHM goals. In her mini-bio or Wizzography, Jo describes herself as a “crazy diamond trying to shine”. Not an accurate description at all. First of all, the lady is not crazy. Secondly, she’s not trying to shine. She IS shining!

Are you a Renaissance man (or woman)?


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