Merry Christmas wishes


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Christmas is here already and also nearing the celebration of New Year. When it comes to Christmas, there are lot of things to be talked about and one of it is the important part about ‘Merry Christ mas wishes’. Many believed that wishing something on Christmas has a higher chance of becoming true. Wishing on Christmas days are traditions of many, some have been answered while some are still patiently waiting. Sta Claus on Christmas makes dreams come true most especially for children who wanted gifts more than anything else, like candies, chocolates and the like.

As for me, my Merry Christmas wishes have been answered. I am one of those people who make wishes that are achievable. My main wish is to have my whole family again or to celebrate Christmas with them. We have this tradition in our family that we all see each other. We conduct like a family get together or commonly known as family reunion. All the uncles, aunties we have on our family would come and almost like we are having a fiesta on our house. We do it annually of course as a means of celebration of Christmas. Each year we do change our venue to enjoy each other’s company. It is a means of getting together and learning each other’s live after a year. It is nice and I must say my Merry Christmas wishes came true.

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