Millennials it’s time to vote for Hillary

Millennials it’s time to vote for Hillary. Many millennials are still bitter because Bernie Sanders lost the nomination to Hillary Clinton. Now is the time for them to put their support behind Hillary. A vote for 3rd party candidates is just like voting for Donald Trump.

Hillary and Bernie agree in over 94 percent of their political views. Both agree that tuition should be free to every American. Both agree that women should keep their choice over reproductive rights. Both want to keep Planned Parenthood funded. Both agree that a woman deserves to be paid equal pay that a man makes. And they both agree that the worst thing that could happen to this country would be for Donald Trump to be elected President.

Donald insults Hispanic’s, women, people of color. He’s a misogynist, calls women slobs and pigs. He denies climate change. He insults women by body shaming them. He’s against alternative energies and wants to continue using fossil fuels. His followers are still mad that we have a black man for President. Most of his followers are old, white dudes who want their country back. Back to the good old days where old white dudes ran this country.

People of color and women will choose our next President. Millennials should support Hillary just as they supported President Obama. She will continue his policies and respect his legacy. We have too much to lose in this election, people have to come together and elect our first woman President.

Hillary has worked her whole life for this moment. She helped give millions of children health insurance, she helped write what would become the Obama care that gave millions of Americans health insurance. I wonder how many of Trump’s supporters are covered under the Obama Care that Trump and the GOP want to destroy?
It’s time to come together as a country and do the right thing. Vote for Hillary Clinton in November.

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