Millenniums being fooled by Bernie

Millenniums being fooled by Bernie
Bernie Sanders has shown no plan for any of his pie in the sky statements. “We’re going to have a revolution” sounds good but he offers no process to do so. He and Hillary agree on 93 percent of their policy statements, but Bernie keeps beating the dead horse of how Hillary used super PAC money. So what, Obama used his super PAC money and wasn’t criticized for using it. But somehow Hillary is evil incarnate for using funds raised to support her presidency.
Bernie talks about the poor in America. But does Bernie talk about his 48 million he will get in his retirement package? Is he going to share it with the poor?

Today one of Bernie’s representatives had to bring up Monica Lewinsky, in a pitiful try at gaining more attention. Why blame Hillary for forgiving her husband for having an affair. Bernie knows he won’t be the nominee and he’s faltering. And some feel is only doing damage to Hillary who should be pivoting toward Trump.

Another mantra Bernie uses is that Hillary voted for the Iraq war. As did many responsible men and women in Congress. They were given wrong information, that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. And the Iraq regime had used chemical weapons against their own people. That was some 15 years ago, surely it was George Bush’s mistake.

I think millenniums long for something to call their own after the boomer generation has stolen the show over the course of their lifetime. Boomers stood for all thing anti-establishment, starting the organic revolution, environmental awareness, and the anti-war movement. Many don’t believe that feminism is still a real need for women. And yet women still make 78 cents on the dollar that a man makes, and women are only 17 percent of our congress.

Boomer women have worked 40 years in being oppressed financially and when they retire they make that much more less than their male counterparts do when they draw on social security. Older women are being Hillary, seeing her as their chance to get the change they have fought for decades.
The white male is also lacking in Hillary’s support. Why wouldn’t they be? They have had the silver spoon of privilege for hundreds of years. Are men afraid that women would become too powerful and oppress men?
Bernie and other men in Congress have seen no reason to pass wage equity for women, so electing Hillary one can be sure she will make it happen. And why would that be so bad? Having men’s wives, daughters, sister making a full wage? It’s time for men to get off their high horse and give a hand up to women. T Women are the majority in this country and we will elect the next president.

Who better to change wage equity than a woman, and that woman is Hillary Clinton.

Trump and disabled

Donald Trump made fun of a reporter with a disability.

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