Miscommunications and all of the MisUnderstandings

When there’s a line of miscommunication everything could unravel. That’s how things will go if individuals aren’t understanding what’s going on. Sometimes miscommunications and misunderstandings occur because there’s too many people communicating at one time. There could be a whole lot of false information floating about. If there’s no interventions then destruction can occur. There has to be some constructive communication going on so individuals are able to be functional. There’s situations where some miscommunicated and the situations went so far left. 

When there’s confusion situations as described above will occur. If there’s others in a relationship then there will be confusion and there also be arguments because all parties are trying to plead their case. Too many tongues and the conversation will become distorted. The situations go down “hill” rather quickly. Who we decide to communicate with is important not everyone is able to communicate effectively. Of course we all have to learn the best ways to communicate. 

Some may not want to understand and that’s why so many may choose to create a state of confusion. That’s why so many choose to only communicate with a select few. All conversations need not be communicated with family members or even friends. It’s best to communicate on a level of understanding with a spouse or lover. When so many are trying to get into a conversation in which they have no business being involved in then there will be chaos. 

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All will be apart of a chaotic environment. These can sometimes be avoided if we find a way to keep certain communications with the parties we wish to communicate with. Otherwise half the world will be involved. In some cases we’re unable to communicate privately or communicate the way we want to communicate. Perhaps asking the other to express how the communications should take place will help. 

The whole world doesn’t need to know everything that takes place in a person’s life. There’s some people who aren’t “good listeners” so communicating to the individuals is very ineffective. A complete waste of time. If we’re finding communications being broken up by individuals then perhaps we’re communicating with the wrong people. If some refuse to listen to what we have to say then saying what needs to be said should occur when the right people are listening. There will always be someone willing to listen. 

Communications should occur on a “positive level” and sometimes some communicating become so confusing and creates dysfunctions between all parties. When we find communicating becoming stressful. There should be some time out so one can think of better ways to communicate and get through to the persons they’re trying to communicate with. Taking time out doesn’t mean to stop communicating but it’s a great way to relieve the pressures so there’s time to gather thoughts. 

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