Misunderstanding and not Understanding Differences

Man is not woman. They’re “different.” A woman bares children a man does not. A woman has a monthly cycle a man does not. A man was first and then the woman. If a man and woman have the same title for instance in a position. They’re still different. One with one name and the other with their own name. Isn’t it logic? Obvious and anyone not knowing that a man and woman are different must not have sense. 

Some try not to understand because understanding means accepting. To accept is what some are unwilling to do so they’ll try to alter what’s “obvious.” Trying to disconnect when they have no business bothering certain individuals and situations. Some may display ignorance because they’re not pleased with how some are moving along even when the storms roll in. That’s what’s taking place now.

Not accepting a man and not accepting the woman. Not wanting connections to connect because of what they’re able to accomplish. A man is “suppose to” be the stronger vessel however the woman was created to be beside the man. Not be behind but beside. Some men may not understand that they’re doing a disservice by trying to knock a woman down. Competing against a woman when there should be compassion. 

The need to feel superior takes over and they’re behavior is altered based on the need to feel powerful. The behaviors stem from insecurities. Perhaps from their past or from something they’ve been through in which they’ve refused to allow healing to take place. The woman is the one who can care for the man but the man “must allow” the woman to care for him. 

Some men refuse to accept there will be times of “vulnerability.” There will be times when they’re not as functional as before. Not admitting that they’re in need so in order to get their way. They’ll become angry and in some cases destructive. Men need to be loved. Need to feel appreciated and need embracing. Intimacy. If they’re continuously using tactics to create problems for women then they’re not going to receive what’s needed. 

Men can be bull headed and not always expressive. “Not understanding” that no one can read their minds. If they’re in need of something then most won’t even express their needs but display anger. Through the anger they’ll create more problems. The problems can lead the men down a path in which they’ll never recover from. Women are equipped to provide the nurturing. Men feel the need to be stern all of the time when they’re should be sensitivity concerning women. That’s why so many don’t have fulfilling relationships. 

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