Mixed Metals Trend Alert in Jewelry Fashion

As a jewelry designer I noticed this trend last year. For years I’m making jewelry and I mix different styles. Something like eclectic style. But mixed metals trend impressed me totally. I had to include it in my offer.

My primary goal is fit the mix of metal in one piece of jewelry. Simple and easy add this kind of jewelry to everyday or evening outfit. Also, this style can be called bangles style. 

Jewelry was met with a good response from customers. Several times, Etsy platform, where I selling jewelry online, featured my bracelets as trending items.

I give myself a lot of freedom while create bracelets and I mixing gold, copper, silver or bronze …. it really looks fantastic on wrist. And there are unavoidable lucky charms as motifs on my bracelets that give a special effect.

Here is link of my shop:

Please your opinion about my jewelry and your opinion on this hot trend at all?

I’d appreciate if you would share this.

Here are some of pictures of my bracelets …


photo by me


photo by me


photo by me

tirkizna nova 4

photo by me


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