Portable battery chargers have become fairly obnoxious because so many demand carrying around lots of cables to use with them — so much for making the word “portable” useless. But Phonesuit’s JOURNEY TRAVEL CHARGER MAX rejects this position and goes the route of gathering in everything that can be used with it by having a one-stop-shop attitude. Plus add to that it has a lot of power, as in 10,000 mAH which means it can charge a lot of stuff a lot of times. That alone makes it worth tossing in a bag, backpack or a car’s glove compartment.

The JOURNEY TRAVEL CHARGER MAX isn’t designed to be a fashion accessory and so puts function over form. This means that it has a utilitarian shape (rectangular), a solid color and everything that it does is right there waiting to be used. And which won’t fall off or get forgotten or left behind when it’s needed. And for sure it charges via a USB port like pretty much every charger out there. Give it a couple of hours to soak in the power and you’re good to go.

So since diversity is the name of the game, the JOURNEY TRAVEL CHARGER MAX doesn’t play favorites: it will work with iOS devices as well as Android devices and pretty much any device that can get its power from a USB output. So this means that there’s an integrated Lightning cable that can be swiveled out and plugged into an iPhone or iPad; there’s a micro-USB cable that can be swirled out and plugged into an Android phone or tablet; there’s a full-sized USB socket for plugging in a USB cable to send its power out. Or to put it another way, you can actually have 3 different devices sucking off power simultaneous (although the odds of doing so are slim if none). And for those worrying about how much power is being drained, there’s a ?? LED indicator for peace of mind.

The JOURNEY TRAVEL CHARGER MAX retails for $79.99 and is large enough but not so heavy as to make carrying it around a chore. But should you be in a situation where you need power for your mobile device, you’ll be mighty glad it’s on hand.

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