Modular Home – What Makes It a Better Choice

Some years back, the pre-fabricated or modular home was not so popular because a lot of people think they look the same. Additionally, some folks believe they not as durable as the houses that are constructed on site. But with the advancement of technology combined with the innovative minds of building manufacturers, custom modular homes began to take its place in the market.


While on-site construction was the norm in the building industry, we cannot deny the fact that many homeowners and business people have seen the advantages of buying pre-fabricated structures. Here are some of them:


  • Manufacturers of free-fabricated buildings hire only qualified people which they train and closely supervise to maintain their standards of quality.


  • They use technologically advanced equipment that ensures precision. This will avoid costly assembly delays and possible reworks.


  • The work is non-stop regardless of weather conditions and all materials are protected from the elements.


  • Structural components are built in compliance with state building codes and standards.


  • Work is easier to supervise. This will result in products of superior quality and excellent workmanship.


  • Most manufacturers of pre-fabricated structures offer extended warranty for their products.


These advantages can easily translate into benefits you will surely enjoy right from the start of your order. You can rarely see these benefits in on-site construction.


1. Savings on Time and Money


The conventional way of building a home is affected by climate and weather conditions. It also involves purchasing materials from different sources which requires lots of negotiations and discussions with different people. In the construction of a modular home, you need to deal with only a few people. Moreover, construction will begin right after you sign the contract. This works to save you money, time and energy. It allows you to move into your house early and with lesser stress.


2. Lesser Costs


Modular homes are built with materials that are purchased on volume. This allows manufacturers to get big discounts. The labor cost associated with the job is also lower compared to the fees asked by professional building contractors. Manufacturers of modular homes are well-organized. They use a system that makes their processes faster and more reliable. This allows them to offer their products at a lesser cost.


3. Lesser Material Losses


The materials used in the manufacture of a modular home are safely stored. Additionally, the fabrication process is done in a secure, climate-controlled environment. This lessens the possibility of pilferage and keeps the materials free from potential damage due to with poor weather conditions.


Standards are applied in modular manufacturing especially in measurements and dimensions. This translates to the optimized use of materials and lesser wastes.  


4. Custom Designs


Modular manufacturing has evolved from a builder of affordable, almost uniform structures into a high quality fabricator that provides a wide selection of creative designs. Today, manufacturers of pre-fabricated structures can allow you to customize your own building. They can also let you choose from a wide array of custom designs that can empress even discriminating architects.


These are just a few of the advantages of buying modular homes. Pre-fabricated homes have become more common these days, but you can hardly notice their difference in design and form from buildings that are built on site. This only goes to show that aside from their affordability, the construction of modern modular homes has advanced in technology and aesthetic quality. It is only limited by your own imagination.


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