Money and Friendship Combined?

Friends share a lot common things and some almost know each other very well. At times, it is like nothing can ruin the friendship. But have you heard stories about friendship who turned sour because of borrowed things or money? 

Friend “A” used to borrow things from Friend “B” but Friend “A” has the attitude of not returning the borrowed item on time or when it was returned it is already not in good condition. Because they had a good relationship and Friend “A” is okay with other things, Friend ‘B’ was patient enough of him. Until Friend “A” borrows money from Friend “B”, the first time it happened the money was returned on staggered payment, the promise was it will be returned just one week after. Again, Friend “B” understood his friend. The second time, a larger money was borrowed and another time happened.

Friend “B” got tired of his friend’s attitude and slowly became distant from Friend “A” even Friend “A” was apologetic. But Friend “B” felt that Friend “A” took advantage of their friendship and never learned how to handle money. 

No matter how close we are with our family or friends, money can still ruin the relationship. The debtor should atleast have a respect and value for the hardwork in earning that borrowed money. It is not an excuse that it is because we are close friends, we can take advantage of the other especially with money matters.

If you are on this situation, can you combine money matters and friendship?

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