Does Money Mean Success Some may Believe so

There’s a lot of people who believe in order to be successful there must be wealth. Having material things to justify being a success. Well, “it all depends” on who’s answering the question, some may perceive success as having lots of money while others believe success comes in many forms. There’s a lot of successful and powerful people who aren’t wealthy at all. In fact there was a mayor who drove around in a beat up car and was comfortable. 

Wasn’t into fancy clothing and luxury cars and homes. But is successful due to his achievements and his heart. “The heart” is what is looked at well at least by our Heavenly Father. Success can entail having a large bank account but it certainly isn’t what success really means. Achieving certain goals can be considered as success. Not achieving certain goals doesn’t mean success hasn’t occurred. 

It’s unfortunate when so many think that a person who isn’t wealthy has less value than a wealthy person. Some may receive the wealth later on and sometimes God withholds the wealth because He’s aware some are waiting to take the wealth away. Some very powerful people aren’t and weren’t wealthy at all. Then there’s some who are extremely wealthy but may lack certain skills but due to their wealth they’re considered successful. 

Some may become successful with only an 8th grade education. Not everyone who’s success will have degrees. Some “business minded” individuals may have very little education. We’re all successful in some fashion. Of course there will be many who may look down on others who aren’t on their financial level. Money can come and go. All the things in the world won’t get an individual into heaven. 

That’s why it’s said that a rich man will have a difficult time getting into heaven. The greed. The thoughts of being better than others because of the wealth. Even when some incur setbacks. The individuals can still be “considered successful”. There’s a lot of people who will have their own views about success. There will be a lot of opinions and so forth. It’s up to the individual whether to view themselves as successful or not. What others have to say shouldn’t define a person. 

So many may start to believe they’re unsuccessful due to all of the criticism received. Critics are going to criticize that’s why they’re called critics. “The mindset”, the line of thinking is important, success is within each and every one of us. Some may take a little longer to reach their desired level of success. Others may become successful early on. “We’re successful. Indeed we are.” By: Tanikka Paulk.

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