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At the age of thirty –five Erin Foley lived alone and began to feel alone, but thankful that her lovely younger siblings were settled and tremendously happy. But, what is it Erin wants happiness and for her house be converted to a home and to be filled with people she can love and they can love her back, her own family. She realizes she needs to put a halt on things and take out some time for herself to just get to know herself more. Not the busy haired man she soon meets. About that bushy haired man, Aiden Riordan a doctor just relaxing for the summer after leaving the navy. 


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Aiden spots Erin and draws his attention, her unique looks draws him in and he imagines himself closer to her but the downside is what will his crazy ex-wife think about this? You never know what she will do next. Will she distract him? Read more by ordering yours today book is available in Paperback, Kindle and Hardcover. This book is great read and highlights the power of friendships of women. A great interesting warm romance that I know many will embrace.


About the Author


Robyn Carr is a #1 New York Times bestselling author. She has received this award for more than 47 of her novels. She has done it with this one and she has written many others. She is an extraordinary author and her backs are great reads and very interesting. I highly awaiting her new projects and cannot wait til her next new book. She has many more books that I have read and I am currently reading one now buy her and will be letting you guys know shortly the results. So stay tuned…



Author – Robyn Carr

Series – A Virgin River Novel Book

Mass Market Paperback – 400 pages

Publisher – Mira

Release Date – February 16, 2010

Language – English









MoonLight Road Book Cover MoonLight Road
A Virgin River Novel Book
Robyn Carr
February 16, 2010
Kindle - Also Available in Hardcover & Paperback

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