Mother of Six Year Old Son With Autism Drops Him Off of Yoquina Bay Bridge

A woman from the northwest is currently under arrest for  ending life of of her six year old non-verbal son with autism. According to reports, Jillian MacCabe drove to the Yoquina Bay bridge, carried her son, London, to the railing and dropped him into he waters below. She then called 911, reported what she had done, and waited for the police and other first responders to arrive.

Those who knew her say that she loved her son, but, due to her husband developing multiple sclerosis and not being able to work, she was under immense pressure. She started an online crowd funding campaign, where she had wanted to raise $50,000, but was only able to collect             $6, 831.00. It’s also been reported that she had mental health issues due to the stress of her situation, but for whatever reason, she did not receive treatment.

There have recently been several high profile cases in the US involving parents who have harmed their autistic children. In many of these cases, the parents felt that they had reached the end of their rope and saw no other way out . The reaction to these cases has been mixed. Some feel the mothers involved should be treated with understanding, while still others are of the opinion that they should be punished to the full extent of the law.

In the end, whatever punishment she may or may not receive will not make up for the loss of this beautiful six year old child.

These cases are tragic, and show how a lack of support for the parents of children with autism and for people suffering from mental health issues in general, can have disastrous results. Perhaps, were these families given the support they needed, these deaths would not have occurred. Sadly, these young lives were lost and we will never know if that is the case.

Hopefully, this tradgedy will help to get a dialogue going about this important issue. In this way, the life of this little boy will be honored.

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