Motorcycle Customization – Does It Add Value to a Bike?

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Customizing a motor bike is not really meant to downgrade the manufacturer. The owners just want to transform their rides or upgrade them to make them different from stock. Customization gives owners a chance to reflect their signature on the bike they own. It can involve certain aspects such as engines, paint styles or bolt-on accessories.

Many people think that the purpose of customization isn’t just about adding the owner’s personality to the bike but to add value to it. Is this really true? Well, that’s a difficult question, but only one thing is certain here. Customization increases the owner’s expenses or investment on his bike. With that said, you should consider a few tips before you plan to customize your motorcycle.

Customization isn’t much about the amount you put into the bike, it’s the enhancement which could add value.

When you add a custom part or accessory such as an ignition cover piston helmet design to your motorcycle, the installed item may add an enhancement value which isn’t necessarily equal to the amount of the item installed. For example, if you install an aftermarket exhaust system worth $700, the actual value added to your motorcycle may be lower than $700. This is because you need to remove the old exhaust system which has its own cost, before installing the new one. Besides, in determining enhancement value, it is not just the cost of the new part that is considered but the age and condition of the motorcycle.

In that sense, you should evaluate carefully how new items can impact your motor bike before customizing it. That is – if you are really particular about resale value.

As far as customization is concerned, value rests in the eyes of the beholder.

Customizing a motorcycle specifically to your wants and desires may not add value to your ride but decreases it instead. Prospect buyers might not like it the way you do especially if it’s too personalized. For example, you have a portrait of your son painted on your bike for $3,000. For sure it appears beautiful to you but it can have a lesser impact on others. In this case, your $3,000 enhancement didn’t really add value to the bike as far as the market is concerned.

Labor cost doesn’t add value.

Labor cost is incurred in connection with the installation of new equipment or accessory you want added to your bike. It doesn’t normally add value to the unit because it is not considered in the computation of your bike’s appraised value.

There are some of the most relevant factors you need to consider before starting a motorcycle customization project. That is if you are particular about your bike’s resale value. But if your main concern rests on the fulfillment of a dream and not about value, go ahead. Make your bike as beautiful as your imagination can finances can take you.

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